Resin Merah
Name : Red Resin / Resin Merah
Price : Rp. 40.000 / kg

Resin bening
Name : Yellow Resin / Resin Kuning
Price : Rp. 40.000 / kg
more clear than red resin

Name : Matt WR 300
Price : Rp. 25.000,- /m'

Talk for fiberglass
Name : Talk
Price : Rp. 10.000,- / kg

Name : Catalyst / Katalis
Price : Rp. 13.000,- / ons 

The liquid of resin or fiberglass including hazardous chemicals For this material we have term and condition for delivery is only can be done by trackingFor shipments via tracking,shipping company will ship goods across Indonesia with a minimum delivery of 100 kgForbooking liquid resin that can be implemented if this provision can be approved. Please be confirmed via text message to HP. 0817347036

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